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the barrier to advancing mental health treatment is measurement.

CNS disorders are complicated to measure


Existing measurement relies on clinic-based verbal and observational assessment of symptoms. Subjective clinician reported data is unreliable and expensive


85% of CNS trials fail. 95% of Rare and Orphan trials in CNS fail

Pharma is moving to siteless trials, and needs validated, decentralized measurement tools to enable them.

Valis is building new digital tools.

Valis is creating digital applications and tools to more accurately measure mental health disorders.  


Our applications are fast to deploy, user-friendly, scientifically validated, and built by researchers for researchers.

Our products are evolving to include automated interventions to prevent relapse, suicide, and adverse events as well as digital therapies delivered through the same applications that collect data. 



AI lets our applications learn from data to drive conclusions and protect patients with automated interventions and microtherapies


Distributed Ledger Technology ensures data provenance, auditability, and protects PHI


Data frameworks and ontologies standardize information so it can better be analyzed, learned from, and reproduced

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